Grazie alla capacità intuitiva del suo ideatore, Premar ha sviluppato una società che gestisce la trasformazione del rifiuto in energia


Thanks to the intuitive ability of its creator, Premar has developed a company that manages the transformation of waste into energy


The product obtained has characteristics suitable for combustion with calorific value
superior to traditional diesel in the complete absence of sulphur.
has been classified as an "Oil Product" by the Italian Customs Agency and
included in the list of fuels that can be marketed immediately with
Combined Nomenclature Code No. 27 11 29 00 00
Petroleum gas and other gaseous hydrocarbons, in the gaseous state”
 The product can be sold as it is or intended for the production of energy
 All the analyzes concerning the emissions, even if minimal, turn out to be far below the European standard parameters both for the production of fuel and for the production of gas
 WastEn guarantees perfect functioning, personnel trading, assistance
after-sales and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance
 The rejection cycle is managed at 360°
 The system can be installed anywhere and can be fixed or mobile

"E' inutile sprecare argomenti con persone le cui menti sono ancora sottosviluppate, è meglio lasciarle indisturbate nella soddifazione della loro

invincibile ignoranza poichè ad essi sembrerà ridicolo ciò che non comprendono"

Charles Webster Leadbeater


"It is useless to waste arguments with people whose minds are still undeveloped, it is better to leave them undisturbed in the satisfaction of their

invincible ignorance because what they do not understand will seem ridiculous to them"   

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